Body Language Tip for the day: Your head-tilt sends a message

Assertive body language--the head tilt--effective communication skills

Assertive body language tip: verbal communication and body language go hand in hand.

If you sometimes feel as though people aren’t taking your message seriously enough, make sure that when you’re engaging in assertive body language communication, you are aware of how your head is tilted. When you are delivering a strong message, such as, “John, I do want to hear everything you have to say, but not like this,” make sure to keep your head straight up or tilt it forward as though you’re saying, “yes” as you speak.

When presenting an idea, solution, or proposal in a meeting, it is imperative that you stand straight and tilt your head slightly forward as you speak, giving the appearance of a polished, confident communicator.  If your head is down–if your eyes are down, you will appear weak and lacking in confidence.  Posture and head-positioning are almost as important as the words you are speaking–and sometimes even more important.

When you want to soften your message, or make people feel more at ease (less intimidated, if you will) tilt your head to the side–as if questioning something–while you speak.  Check out the puppy at the beginning of this blog post.  He shows you exactly how to soften the message and be less intimidating  . . . .

Many people who are beginning to engage in assertive communication often overlook the role body language plays. Don’t make this common mistake. Remember that body language is over 50% of the message you’re sending, and it can make or break your entire message.

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