Bad behavior discovered–Your child is sexting–how to handle it–interpersonal skills

Bad behavior discovered–Your child is sexting–how to handle it–interpersonal skills

By popular demand–MORE on discovering your teen sexting–

How to handle the situation with intelligence, compassion and love

Most people respond to the bad behavior of their children with a reprimand.

I’ll bet that’s what your parents did.  How did that work for you?  How did that work for them?  It’s time to break the cycle, and hopefully these interpersonal skills tips will help you become aware that just as you “own” the good behavior of your kids–and tweet and post with pride when they do something wonderful and positive, you must “own” their bad behavior, realize your own contribution to that behavior, and treat your children in the loving manner that will inspire confidence and contribute to their growth–especially when you discover they are engaging in behavior that is not good for them or good for other.

Sexting is the example Dan uses

But there are numerous other examples he could have chosen.  What do you do if you discover that YOUR child is the bully?  What can you do that will truly help him change that behavior (even when he knows you are not there to see it)?  Shaming won’t do it; physical punishment won’t do it; lectures and head-nodding won’t do it.  There is only one proper, constructive response that will truly help your child mature as the strong, loving adult you wish him/her to become.  Watch and see if you agree–



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