Which LIVE ONLINE business course would you take?

Choose new business course and communication skills training class from Dan O'Connor, world's #1 communication skills trainer

Hi Everybody!  Check out which business course is for you–

A business course–two in fact–designed for LIVE online training.

So, I’m trying to choose between two (essentially) communication skills training courses. I’m going to host both of these business courses, but one will be first (which makes total sense, since there is only one of me, until such time as someone perfects cloning). I was hoping you’d help me out and tell me which one you’d prefer to see on the roster.  In other words, which one would you or someone you know be most likely to take.

Class #1 is entitled: YouTube Video Optimization: How to Dominate Your Market and Explode Your Website Traffic and is all about how to create a YouTube channel that basically changes your life and establishes you as the expert in your field.

Class #2 is entitled: Your Small Business Communication Blueprint: How to get everyone on your team saying what they need to say to make every customer a raving fan, and never leave one dollar on the table again.

Each course is really a communication skills training course but in a different way from how I’ve conducted them in the past. They would each be a four-week online course, meeting once a week, and there would be a lot of interaction among all of us who would be participating via phone or Skype.

Having heard just this much–which one might you be most likely to take, or which would you be interested in now?

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Dan O’Connor has been leading the communication training industry for more than 20 years. Through his bestselling books, his #1 rated YouTube channel, and his online courses, Dan transforms the global conversation and the lives of countless individuals every day.

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