Body Language Tactics: Project Confidence (or Lack of it) with Your Posture

Image matters:  Your body language can reinforce or undermine who you say you are

As a communication trainer and keynote speaker, I can tell you that image matters almost as much as words.  What you say speaks volumes about who you are.  And likewise, your body language can speak volumes about who you perceive yourself to be.  This will be a very short post with a very large picture.  If the average picture is worth a thousand words, surely this one is worth a million.

Body language matters; sit and stand as though YOU do.

Image matters: Body language showing confidence
Image matters: Body language showing confidence

Look at these gentlemen who are posing for their yearbook track and field picture in 1924.  There are ten young men pictured.  Can you spot the man who exudes confidence–the one who stands out from all the rest?  Why does he stand out?  His posture–his manner–his bearing–are all telling you something.  So watch and learn from him. The next time you are in any situation where you wish to appear confident–remember this picture.  BTW, the man in question went on to become a successful attorney and a noted federal judge, in addition to being a loving family man and community leader.  One look at this picture tells you he is a force with which to be reckoned.

Stand or sit STRAIGHT, with your chest out (but not puffed), and with a look of interest on your face.  There is a place for every part of your body, and know where that place is–so your hands are not fumbling around and your legs don’t appear awkwardly placed.  Stand or sit as though you know who you are and where you are going–and that is what people will see.

OK, take a look at the picture and email me at [email protected] if you can find my grandfather in this picture.  I’ve described him; can you see him?  Let me know, and if you’re correct, I’ll send you a free downloadable audio as a reward for your perception!


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