Business Communication Skills: How to end a business conversation on a positive note

Business Conversation--Professional Ways to End a Conversation

How to conclude a business conversation so you’ll be remembered positively

Do you end your business conversation the same way you might end a personal conversation–namely “Have  nice day,” or “Make it a good day,” or “See you soon”?  If so, please reconsider. Whether you’re hanging up the phone, leaving a meeting, or signing an email, remember that your goodbye will either leave a positive impression, or as it does with most people, no impression at all. Any chance we have as professionals to leave a positive impression should be maximized.

That said, let me give you some danger phrases: “Have a nice day,” “Thanks for calling,” “Have a good day,” and  “Have a great day.”

Why are these all danger phrases? Because they’re so common. When people say these things to you, it leaves no impression, and when you say these things to others, YOU make no impression. Our words and time are too valuable to waste.

That said, I’d like you to create custom exit lines for an in-person, telephone, and written business conversation. A simple change from, “Have a good day,” to something such as, “I appreciated the chance to visit with you; enjoy the rest of your day (use the person’s name here),” suddenly breaks through the din of common communication patterns, and makes what you just said more memorable, more powerful, and more likely to have a positive impact. People actually hear you when you say, “I appreciate your taking the time to call me,” as opposed to, “Thanks for calling.”  And “I look forward to seeing you again,” is infinitely better than, “Come back soon,” as your customer walks out the door.  And of course always with a smile.  That smile can’t be seen over the phone, but it can be felt.

The bottom line for your closing line

Here’s the bottom line: Start paying attention to the common exit lines, greetings, opening lines, closing lines, and phrases that are used in business, and avoid them. Create your own that are more personal, catchy and memorable. They will be more powerful, and increase the odds of your reaching the number one proximate goal in business today, which is establishing the PEC (Personal Emotional Connection).  Think about it: People who relate to you are much more apt to come back and do business with you again.  Make yourself genuinely relatable and memorable by delivering a meaningful closing line.

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