Communication Skills Training Video: The 3-Step Process to Disengage and Calm Down

In today’s communication skills training video, Dan O’Connor, the world’s #1 communication trainer,  teaches you how to disengage when you feel your emotions are beginning to boil over. These are communication tactics you can immediately use both at work and at home to communicate with more power, clarity, and precision.  Click on the 3-Step Disengage to Stop the Rage video below to learn how to calm down when you are agitated!

This “Calm Down” technique requires focus and practice.

To calm down is not easy, when someone is pushing your buttons and deliberately trying to throw you off course.  Sometimes, as with teenage children now and then, the intent is not to enrage you.  And yet they can do so–without even trying.  To avoid real confrontation that accompanies a loss of emotional control, take the time to practice the 3-Step Disengage.  You’ll be happy you did, and so will those with whom you interact.

By the way–in this political climate, when the world is so divided about leaders and policies and practices–when the dinner table sometimes becomes a battleground on which we fight and argue rather than enlighten and communicate, the need for calm and tranquility and even-headed people is greater than ever.  Let’s be the calm, and not the storm.  Let’s reason instead of fight.  This requires keeping emotions in check, and hopefully this video will help.  Strong interpersonal skills presuppose a kind and compassionate heart.  We might do well to cultivate that, too.  Winning is NOT everything–in conversation or in life.  Love and understanding are.  The answer to bullying is not rage and table-pounding–being a bigger bully.  Is it?  I hope not.  If you believe it is, pass on this video.  It will be of no help to you.


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