Communication Training: Replace Phrase “A Better Idea” with. . . .

Today’s effective professional communication training tip from communication keynote speaker Dan O’Connor: DANGER PHRASE: “A BETTER IDEA…”

Communication Training: Replace "a better idea" with. . . .
Communication Training: Replace “a better idea” with. . . .

If you find yourself about to say something such as, “I have a better idea,” or, “I think that’s a better idea…” instead, write those phrases on your danger phrase list, and the next time, replace the word, “better” with an adjective or an adjective phrase that illustrates why you think the idea / proposal / solution / answer is–in your opinion–better.

For example, notice the difference:

Instead of saying, “I think I have a better idea,” try saying, “I believe I have a safer solution.” or, “I believe I have a more employee-focused proposal,” or, “I believe I have a more time-saving answer.”  These phrases are not only more specific, they pack much more punch and will invariably elicit a better hearing and response than the weak “I have a better idea.”

When you articulate why an idea is better, people will be more open to hearing and believing in that idea. Sometimes just a couple of words make all the difference. If you want to be an effective communicator, you have to talk like like one.

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