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If you answer the phone at work, or train people who do, this script’s for you. . . .

Consistency is the name of the game here.  In any major corporation or organization, you hear the same thing EVERY TIME when your call is answered–and that is by design.  There is a way to professionally answer the phone–every time.  Keep this script by your desk–or insist that those in your company who answer the phone regularly keep it handy and use it.

Part of any professional customer service communication training is learning how to answer the telephone professionally, courteously, and consistently. When it comes right down to it, a professional phone greeting boils down to 5 simple steps, or

P-Use your POWER TONE (Center your voice, and get into character.)

H-Say HELLO (For example, “Good morning, thanks for calling….”)

O-Give the ORGANIZATION’S name (For example, “Dan O’Connor Training”)

N-State your NAME (For example, “This is Dan….”)

E–END with a question (For example, “What can I do for you today?”)

To put it all together, a powerful, polished, professional greeting sounds something like, “Thanks for calling Dan O’Connor Training; this is Dan, what can I do for you today?”

The above is an example of free-style scripting–having a plan and verbal pattern that you can alter to fit your needs, while ensuring you hit all of the major communication points you want to hit. Scripting should be part of any professional communication training, whether on-site, public, or online.

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