Personal Empowerment: How to Develop and Use a Personal Compass

Personal Empowerment begins with knowing who you are and where you’re going.

There is an immutable universal law that states a person either transforms his/her environment or is transformed by it.  If you want to be among the people who transform their environment–if you want to be a person who handles difficult people effectively, rather than reacting to them in kind–if you want to be a person who achieves personal peace rather than being adversely affected by every negative person encountered–you need to develop a personal compass to guide you.  And you can accomplish this life-changing goal in under five minutes.


Personal Empowerment: A Personal Compass will help you transform your environment, rather than being transformed by it.
Personal Empowerment: A Personal Compass will help you transform your environment, rather than being transformed by it.

A Personal Communication Compass reminds you of three things at the precise moment you need to be reminded.
It reminds you of:

  1. Who you are,
  2. Why you’re here, and
  3. What you want.

I’ve had some questions lately about how to develop and use a personal compass, so I’m re-posting this video I made several years ago. The whole process could take as little as 5 minutes for an individual, or maybe up to half an hour for an entire team, but whatever it takes, isn’t it worth a few minutes to totally transform every relationship in your life for the better?


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