The Interview: 5 Communication Interview Tactics for Landing That Job!

The interview and five communication tactics for landing that job

The Interview: 5 Quick Tips for Landing That Job

If you can’t get through the interview, it doesn’t make any difference how many skills you’d bring to the job, because you won’t get the job.

Communication training isn’t just for those in the workplace.  It’s for everybody, and without it, you may never land that job in the first place.  The article I am suggesting contains five communication tactics–though they are not necessarily called that by name–that will make you shine during the interview.
(If the above link is out-of-date, don’t worry!  The ideas aren’t, and I’ve summarized them below.

A quick summary to whet your appetite:

1.  The interview should be a dialog, so make certain you are prepared with questions of your own, and know how to punctuate the conversation with them.

2. If asked about a weakness–acknowledge one honestly, and indicate how you are working to correct it.

  1. When discussing your strengths, choose three main strengths.  Then tell how you’ve demonstrated those strengths in actual situations.  (Remember that most people hiring you know that past performance is the best indicator of future performance.)

4. When discussing compensation–don’t give a number.  However, make certain the interviewer knows you expect to be paid commensurate with your experience and abilities.

5. Make it clear to the interviewer and any other company decision-makers that you want the job.  Tell the interviewer in no uncertain terms that you want to be part of the company.  Additionally, I would add–at the end of the interview, be prepared to ask a closing question such as “Can you think of any reason that I would not get this job?”

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