Masterful Communication Training: Invaluable Life Lessons from Wayne Dyer

Masterful communication training--interpersonal skills--Wayne Dyer teachings

Teachers don’t compete with one another; they learn from one another.  Recently, Wayne Dyer passed on, and in his memory, I’d like to share 15 of his lessons–and some day we’ll go over these in depth.  This is truly masterful communication training.

  1.  Cooperation is healthier than competition.
  2.  If you love people you don’t try to change them.
  3.  Ignorance is NOT bliss.
  4.  You are not a victim of the world.
  5.  You find yourself in solitude.
  6.  Rejection makes you stronger.
  7.  Self worth cannot be verified by others.
  8.  You don’t attract what you want in your life; you attract what you are.
  9.  There are no limits to what you can achieve–you are a no-limit person.
  10. “Heaven on earth” is a choice you must make, not a place you must find.
  11.  No need to stress over everything.
  12.  All that you need is already within you.
  13.  There is no end to personal growth.
  14.  Be realistic.  Expect miracles.
  15.  Follow your heart and you will be successful.

Wayne Dyer–brilliant teacher, philosopher, and prophet–and loving, kind, person.  The world is just a little darker without his light.  Yet, he left behind a torch, and it is up to each of us whether we extinguish it or hold it high in search of truth.

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