mindfulness communication skills training, effective communication skills, communication training course, communication skills training classes online, communication skills training videos online, free online communication skills training courses You know that feeling you get in your stomach as soon as someone starts talking about Donald Trump? What about other political or religious issues? I do. I’m not political by nature. I neither want nor care to discuss what’s going on unless I can do it while practicing what I learned in mindfulness communication skills training.

However, people rarely practice when discussing these issues. So how do you talk politics with friends and family–or even coworkers–in a mindful manner? These 9 principles help you do just that. If you practice them, you can talk about anything with confidence, compassion, kindness, and even love. Imagine walking away feeling good about the next conversation you have with someone about politics, the state of the world, religion, or anything else.

 Mindfulness communication skills training can benefit you in many ways, both personally and professionally. If you haven’t started your training yet, now’s the time. If you have, you’ll enjoy continuing with these lessons.

There are 9 principles for effective, mindful communication. These must be in the arsenal of anyone who wishes to engage in constructive interaction when talking about politics, religion, Donald Trump, or any other highly inflammatory topic.  Look at public postings, on Twitter,  Facebook, Youtube, and social media in general. Seems like people seem to be forgetting who they are or why they are here, right?  We are here to transform our environment. We’re here to make the world a more peaceful and enlightened place. Most of all, we’re here to create–not destroy.

Because of recent studies such as the NASA twins study, we find science proving what we basically already knew. First of all we knew it feels better to be positive. Secondly, we know we feel bad after fighting. Finally, we know that we can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. Therefore, what do we do when these sensitive topics come up?

To find out what to do, just watch the video below. It’s the first in a series about the 9 principles. These principles remind us all of who we are. They review the universal laws that apply to all of us. They teach us how we can use those laws to achieve the the peace, confidence, strength and productivity we all seek. 

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