Was it something you said?

Maybe. Let's see.

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The Best Danger Phrases and Power Phrases of 2016 by Dan O'Connor Training


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Marty O’Connor Office Staff Dan O’Connor Communication Skills Training

Martin O’Connor

Digital Adonis

Martin heads up Dan’s digital team, and tries to keep Dan’s web presence as modern as he can, much to Dan’s constant consternation. He hopes to some day teach Dan to use the VCR. Dan doesn’t get Mart’s thinking sometimes because Mart is soooooo much older.

Other Member

communication skills training lessons from Buddy the Dog with Dan O’Connor Training

Buddy the Dog

Pillow Guardian
Maggie Mae office bitch, second only to Jean Schmith, Dan O’Connor Training, World’s #1 communication training

Maggie Mae

Official Material Girl
Office Staff, the beautiful Jean Schmith, PA to Dan O’Connor, the #1 Communication Trainer in the world

Jean Davies Schmith

(Thinks She's) The Boss of Everyone
Dan O’Connor-good communication expert for a keynote speaker company event

Dan O’Connor

Grand Poo-Bah