How to Sound More Fascinating: 3 Secrets Revealed!

Boring or fascinating–Can you actually decide which one to be?

You’ve noticed, I’m sure, that when some people tell stories, everybody listens with wide-eyed attention.  When others tell stories, people are yawning as they search for the exits?  Honestly–which person are you?  Do you have the communication skills to demand the attention of others?  Do you know what those skills are?  Have you observed others enough to know what makes some people appear boring, while others appear fascinating?  I use the word “appear” because there is no strict way of evaluating these subjective things.  Who is “interesting” and who is not is a matter of perception, not fact.  On the other hand, we can isolate a few skills that we can actually acquire and practice–skills that can help us move to the “fascinating” category–in the perception of others.   Though there are several such communication tactics, traits, and skills, in this video Dan discusses three of them, because these three are easily identified and acquired (with practice, of course).

What are some of the traits/skills that can even the mundane appear FASCINATING–and you along with them!

The first is “naming.”  There is power (and fascination) in naming.

The second is using onomatopoeias.  Combining the visual with the audio gives PUNCH to the message.  Punch.  Smoosh.  Splat!

And the third is . . . .  Well, watch the video to discover that one.

If YOU want what HE’S having (a wide-eyed reception 🙂   watch the video.


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