Communication Training: Difficult People–How to Confront Your Gossip or Backstabber at the Office

The most popular onsite course I’m asked to deliver is Communication Training: Difficult People–Confronting the Office Gossip.

People who will gossip WITH you will gossip ABOUT you
People who will gossip WITH you will gossip ABOUT you

The reason is that most people have had the unfortunate experience of hearing that someone has been gossiping about them or revealing information about them. When this happens, it can be difficult to communicate assertively and clearly without crossing the line into aggressive behavior. Remember: We train people how to treat us, and it’s up to us to train people to understand that gossiping about us will not be tolerated.

If you decide that you must talk with someone about the fact that they are gossiping about you (or about someone else) you can always use the “I know this can’t be true” strategy. It goes something like this:

“Hi Hector. Pepe told me that you said that I was having an inappropriate relationship with Jose, my employee. I know you would never say things like this about me, so I wanted to bring it to your attention right away. I’m correct assuming you would never say anything like that about me, right?”

This is a great way to give people an out. Nine times out of ten, people will respond with something such as, “Of course not! I would never say those things,” to which you can respond, “I know; that’s why I wanted to bring this directly to you. Can I count on you to let me know if anyone continues to say things that may tarnish my professional image?” And nearly everyone will say, “Oh yes, of course.”
And now everyone is on alert. People will know that if they choose to gossip about you, they will be accountable. Best of all, you can accomplish this in a way that is neither aggressive nor offensive, and will discourage further gossip.

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