Customer Service Skills Training: Replace Danger Phrase “Our Policy is. . . .”

Customer Service Skills Training: DANGER PHRASE: “Our Policy.”

Have you heard this from a customer service representative, when you call with a problem and are looking for a solution?  If so, how did you feel?

Worse yet–as a customer service representative, have YOU ever begun an answer with “our policy is”? If so, you won’t make that mistake again after watching this video. In today’s effective professional communication training lesson delivered by expert communication trainer and motivational keynote speaker Dan O’Connor, you’ll learn how to deliver “those messages” with tact, finesse, and professionalism using this simple 2-step process. And you’ll never again use the dreaded “our policy is” when dealing with customers!


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Dan O’Connor has been leading the communication training industry for more than 20 years. Through his bestselling books, his #1 rated YouTube channel, and his online courses, Dan transforms the global conversation and the lives of countless individuals every day.

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